Exotic Fibers

Luxurious and Rare


At Cashmere & Pearls we are very selective in the types of exotic fibers we offer.  With so many natural fibers on the market, we make it our business to find and bring to you the highest quality and most unique of all.  It seems our best fibers are sourced from nomadic households or small scale farmers where only limited supplies ever reach the international markets.

Natural fibers are a renewable resource, provide natural ventilation and allow us to don ‘sustainable accessories and clothing.’  By choosing exotic fibers we find ourselves wrapped in light weight fabric which serves to keep us warm in the cold temperatures and protect us from the heat of the sun.  Historically natural fibers served our civilization well, but over the past half century these fabrics have been replaced by mass-produced synthetics.  Perhaps we have forgotten how wonderful it feels to wrap ourselves in something exotic !