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    Lotus Flower Scarf


    Authentic Lotus Flower Scarf

    Lotus fiber is a must for your accessory collection.  Cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.  Exotic always!

    KNOWN AS "The PERFECT GIFT"  for the friend who has everything.

    Exclusive.  Exotic.  Sustainable.  Eco-friendly.  Handwoven.

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    Authentic Lotus Fiber Scarf

    This is one of our larger Lotus offerings.  The light weight and soft natural colors make this scarf the perfect accessory for all occasions.  Worn with a neutral white or black dress, this scarf is showcased.  Worn with a Tee and jeans, the look is magazine style.  Either way, you steal the show!

    Eco-friendly.  Sustainable.  Exotic.  Beautiful.

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    Authentic Lotus Stole

    This is our largest Lotus offering.  It is the perfect size stole to be worn loosely over the shoulders or used as a wrap when traveling.  This size has also been used to enhance the meditation experience by wrapping your body and enjoying the comfort of the sacred lotus flower.

    Eco-friendly.  Sustainable.  Exotic.  Beautiful.


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