Hill Tribe Silver Split-Tail Bracelet


Handcrafted by the Karen (pronounced Kah-ren) Hill Tribe people of Northern Thailand, this adorable ‘split-tail’ bangle with oxidized fish, flower, and tribal design enhancements will be just enough decoration on your wrist to entice a conversation.  Not too much…but just enough!


All authentic Hill Tribe Silver jewelry is sold by the gram, due to its high silver content which averages a purity level of 98% silver.

  • This adorable classic bangle weighs in at 19.84 grams of silver
  • Bangle length is 7 1/4″ with a 3/4″ opening
  • The widest part of the design is 1 1/4″
  • One size will fit most
  • Imported from Chiangmai, Thailand


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