Hill Tribe Silver Braided Cuff Bracelet


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Not the ordinary Hill Tribe Silver design…You will love this flexible cuff made of oxidized and natural silver, then braided, yet maintains its flexibility to perfectly fit your wrist!

Out of stock


This Hill Tribe Silver (HTS) bracelet was handcrafted by the Karen (pronounced Kah-ren) Hill Tribe people of Northern Thailand.  Using oxidized and natural silver, the artisans created a unique braid for this cuff bracelet.  Simple, traditional, elegant, and tribal are just a few of the terms used to describe this adornment.

Authentic HTS jewelry is sold by the gram, due to its high silver content which averages 95-99% pure silver.  This elegant braided cuff bracelet weighs in at 53.8641 grams.  The bracelet measurement from end to end is 7 1/4″ with the width being 1 1/4″.   This bracelet is flexible, so one size will fit most.


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