The Petite Beaded Collar Necklace

The Petite Beaded Collar Necklace


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Indigenous handcrafted jewelry is the perfect addition to your conservative wardrobe.

In support of the Emberá indigenous tribe, we are offering a select collection of their jewelry.  But, we also want you to know their story…

  • The Emberá Chami people are Chaco Indians.  They are indigenous tribes of Panama, Columbia, and Ecuador.  Handcrafts are one of their main resources for survival.  Specifically, they are known for their unique beading skills, which are passed from generation to generation.
  • All of their creations are needle-woven and hand-threaded.  One necklace can take up to seven days to make.  Each design is based solely on the creativity and imagination of the artisan.
  • Embera Chami women believe that women bear the weight of the world on their shoulders.  Thus, their necks and shoulders are traditionally adorned with their beaded necklaces.
  • The tribe uses body paint, made from the fruits of the genip tree to prepare for special events.  This artwork will last up to seven days.
  • In their traditional language, Emberá means people and Chami means mountains.



Out of stock


  • Origin:  Embera’ Chami Tribe, Panama
  • Product Material: Glass Beads/Wool Thread
  • Craftsmanship:  Handmade
  • Colors: Gold/Iridescent Brown
  • Pattern Width:  2 3/4 ” at the longest point


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