Silk of Siam

From the Korat Plateau in Northeastern Thailand


Thai silk is easily identifiable by its unique luster which changes in color as it reflects light.

This luster or sheen is enhanced by using two tones of silk threads, one for the warp (vertical threads) and one for the weft (horizontal threads).  In addition to the luster, the highest quality Thai silk has ‘thread breaks’ which create tiny knots in the fabric.  The distinctive features of this  rich and exotic fiber cannot be imitated.

Our line of Thai silk jackets are made exclusively by artisans.

These artisans work in a small, well-established silk shop in the bustling city of Bangkok.  Each jacket is handcrafted beginning with the cutting and sometimes hand painting and embroidery of designs on the silk.

We also carry an exclusive line of intricate ‘cut work’ silk jackets

  Our flawless floral cut work and embroidery designs add depth and character.  Cut work originated in the 12th century, thus enforcing our belief  “Fashion is Timeless.”

cut-work silk jacket

Thai Silk.  You will be noticed…