• Pearls are organic gemstones meant to be worn, but they also require care to maintain their natural beauty.
  • When planning to wear your pearls, you should add them as a ‘final touch’  after you have finished your makeup, styled your hair, and applied lotions or perfumes. 
  • To clean your pearls, wipe them gently with a clean, soft, damp cloth or chamois after each wearing.  This will remove any perspiration or body oils that may harm their luster.
  • When storing your pearl jewelry always fasten the clasps and lay them flat in their own compartment in your jewelry box. 
  • When traveling, place your pearls in a velvet, silk, or satin bag, separate from other jewelry to prevent scratching or other damage.  Never store your pearls in a plastic bag.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning methods, chemicals, or jewelry cleaners should never be used on pearls.
  • If you have pearls that have not been cared for properly, take them to a reputable jeweler or pearl specialist for a professional cleaning.