Cashmere and Lotus are rare luxury fibers.  To assist you in maintaining them, we offer these guidelines:

  • Like any other fine woolen garments, always handle them carefully.
  • Hand wash knits in cold water, using a very mild washable soap. 
  • Knitwear should be folded with tissue paper and stored flat in a drawer. 
  • Never hang your luxury fiber garments on a hanger.
  • Give your garments a rest between wearings; at least 24 hours.
  • Treat stains immediately by daubing the stain with cold water.  Never use hot water, which may set the stain.
  • If your garment gets wet, allow it to dry away from direct heat then brush with the nap.
  • At season’s end, clean and store your items in an uncrowded bag, placed in a cool, dry place.  Knits may be folded and stored in a chest of drawers.  Moth crystals or spray will help protect your pieces from moths.
  • Woven garments should be professionally dry cleaned.