From inner Mongolia

We pride ourselves in carrying the purest cashmere… 

Our commitment begins with quality control.   Our suppliers engage directly with the rural herdsmen of Inner Mongolia – the ancestral home of Genghis Khan.  This direct relationship between supplier and herdsman is the first step in assuring the highest quality cashmere.  The second step is Inner Mongolia’s God-given climate which is cold and dry; perfect for producing the softest and warmest fibers to sustain the warmth of the Capra circus laniger goats.  And the last step is carefully retrieving the extraordinary fibers by hand combing the hair from the soft belly area.  This hair is so precious it is sold by the ounce.  It is so slow growing it takes about four years to produce enough to make one pure cashmere sweater.  With that in mind, it is easy to understand why many of the cashmere products today are often cashmere blends, using synthetics fibers.

Pure Cashmere Wrap

Once you experience our cashmere we are convinced you will never settle for less again.