Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings

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There is no substitute for the unparalleled beauty and rarity of luxurious golden pearls.  The natural  colors of these exclusive South Sea pearls is incredibly unique making them highly sought after by those choosing investment quality jewelry.

For the luxury lover in you, one pair of golden South Sea pearl studs is the perfect place to start.

For an up close look at the Jewelmer pearl farm in Palawan, you will love this YouTube video.


Luxurious Golden Pearl Earrings

  • Golden South Sea Pearls
  • Color: Gold
  • Shape: Semi-round
  • Size:  11.55/11.62 mm
  • 18K yellow gold, circle backed studs
  • Imported from the Philippines
  • JEWELMER pearl farms
  • All of the JEWELMER pearls are accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity certifying the jewelry is made with 18K gold and genuine South Sea pearls in their natural color.

All of our golden South Sea pearl inventory is procured directly from the JEWELMER pearl farms.  We are happy to share with you why we choose JEWELMER.

Interested in learning even more about golden South Sea pearls, and why they are so expensive?


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