Yak wool, really?  Most of our customers had never heard of yak down or yak wool. Yet we chose sustainable yak wool as our fiber of choice for a small collection of sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that will serve you for many years.  We think you will agree with these timeless and functional designs, because they are what you and our planet deserve! 

So what is a yak and where do they live?

The yak is a long haired bovine mainly found in the Himalayan region, Tibetan plateau, and some high altitude areas of Mongolia and Central Asia.  These animals survive winters where temperatures can fall to as low as -40 degrees below zero.  Yet every spring they naturally shed their soft undercoat, known as  khullu, which is harvested by combing, then cleaning and spinning into fine yarn. Each mature yak produces only about one or two pounds of this underbelly fiber per year which makes this fiber among the most exclusive in the textile world.  

What is yak fiber used for?

Yak has been used by the nomads for over a thousand years to make clothing, blankets, ropes, and tents. Yak fiber is warmer than merino, soft as cashmere, and as durable as camel, which is why it is making inroads in the international luxury fiber markets.

Why should I purchase clothing or accessories made from yak wool?

When you own one of our yak wool pieces you will wear it for many years.  Our designs are simple and functional, not trendy.  The all natural, never dyed colors, in deep brown, brown, and a slight grayish brown are neutral enough to compliment any existing wardrobe.  Plus, you no longer need to be an explorer to wear yak!  In fact, our yak long scarf is perfect for travel.  It will keep you warm on the flight, and is light weight and packs neatly in your luggage.  And…all of our designs are unisex!  Take a look.

Attributes of yak wool

  • *Breathable, making it easy to regulate body temperature in cold or warm weather 
  • *A strong and very warm fiber; 30% warmer than sheep wool
  • *Moisture wicking
  • *Luxuriously soft and comfortable
  • *Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial (odor resistant)
  • *Does not pill like cashmere

How to care for your yak wool

Yak wool may be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water using a gentle soap.  To dry, slightly wring the water out after rinsing, then lay flat on a  towel.

Feedback from our customers

“My yak sweater is the warmest sweater in my wardrobe!”

“I had no idea that yak was one of the warmest natural fibers for making clothing!  It’s my new favorite wool!”

“I was so excited to discover your yak wool head/neck warmer!  It is adorable when worn with any sport top yet useful when the weather quickly changes!”

“I love the yak poncho sweater; in fact I bought two more for gifts!”

Could Mongolian yak wool be the new cashmere?