Featherweight Cashmere Scarf

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Featherweight, yet eight times warmer than wool!

You will love the softness of this luxury cashmere scarf, crafted from the finest cashmere in Inner Mongolia.

This large size can be worn an endless number of ways and will accent both your casual and social wardrobe.





Our Exclusive Featherweight Scarf

  • Color:  Tangerine
  • Approximately 43.3″ x 82.7″ + 1/2″ (110 x 210 cm)
  • 65 grams of pure cashmere
  • 1/2″ eyelash fringed ends
  • Imported from Inner Mongolia
  • Hand wash in cold water and air dry
  • Price includes Tax and Shipping

NOTE:  When purchasing cashmere you should know the cashmere weight.  Otherwise, it may not be pure cashmere.


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