In November 2017 we were invited to an editorial photo shoot by Sophia Davis, Editor-in-Chief, FASHION AVENUE NEWS.  Sophia attended DC Swim Week at the French Embassy in July 2017, and it was there she discovered our Thai Silk jacket collection!

Sophia Davis, for Cashmere & Pearls

Sophia Davis

Sophia has been engaged with the fashion industry in New York City for years.  She is fashion minded, smart, and connected.  Thrilled to have this opportunity, we wanted to make sure we showcased our most unique pieces.  Believing in ourselves and the exclusive nature of what we have to offer, we carefully selected a variety of patterns and styles from our handcrafted Thai Silk jacket collection, added our largest and most luxurious Lotus Fiber blanket scarf, and included a necklace and bracelet from our Pistols & Pearls jewelry line.  We were hoping this would be enough to at least create interest.  Afterall, our company name can be deceiving.  We aren’t your typical black velvet and silk ribbon boutique vendor.  Our passion is searching the world over for the unique, purchasing small quantities, and bringing these treasures to our clientele.  Our collections aren’t trendy, and most are one of a kind.  That’s who we are.  That’s what we provide.  That’ s what we wanted to showcase at this editorial photoshoot!

The photoshoot was held at the studio of AV Brown Photography located at 24 Commerce Street, in the heart of Newark’s business district.

There, we discovered a historic 18 story, fully renovated building filled with classic motifs of an earlier time.  And it was there we met Allison Brown.

Allison V Brown, for Cashmere and Pearls

Allison V Brown

A true professional, and passionate about his work.  Allison has photographed fashion models and celebrities for decades.  Roving his studio with grace, yet in an almost robotic style, he captured the most magnificent fashion photos!  Allison’s energy filled the room, along with the blasting rhythmic music playing in the background.  Only between costume changes did Allison take a break…and then just to take a few sips of his hot tea.

And then there was Sophia, all blinged out in her jeweled sunglasses, necklace, bracelet and ring…she is, in fact, The Queen of Bling!

Sophia Davis for Cashmere and Pearls

Sophia Davis

Watching her interact with her staff, the models, and the photographer made it apparent she was in her element!  Easy going, but focused is her management style.  Sophia is full of ideas, energetic, and always looking for opportunities to enrich and promote others.

Tina Shai and Jennifer Liu, both New York fashion models, brought style and experience to the photoshoot.

Tina Shai, model for luxury lifestyle fashion accessories

Tina Shai

Jennifer Liu, luxury lifestyle model for Cashmere and Pearls

Jennifer Liu

In less than three hours Allison captured the essence of who we are as a company.

Although Allison’s work looked impressive, we could never have imagined how the photos would look in print, or if we would ever see them in print!

Much to our surprise, we soon learned we had not only made the Front and Back cover of the January 2018 issue of FASHION AVENUE NEWS, but the magazine included 18 pages of fashion photography dedicated to Cashmere & Pearls! Apparently, we gave Sophia exactly what she was looking to publish!

Fashion Avenue News Cover

Front Cover, January 2018

FAN Back Cover, January 2018

Back Cover, January 2018

Thank you, Sophia Davis and Allison Brown.

Today, with a grateful heart, we honor the beauty of meeting and working with these professionals.  They manage to thrive while working in a very competitive and sometimes ruthless industry.  They have character and style.  At Cashmere & Pearls, we will forever be grateful for the confidence these individuals have shown in our company, and for the decision to grace the cover of FASHION AVENUE NEWS with our fashions!

 We are so excited to share this magazine with our friends, followers, and clientele.

Both digital and print copies are available.  To get your own copy, just click our FASHION AVENUE NEWS button!