Sacred Lotus Fiber

This rare and precious fiber is brought to you exclusively from Inle Lake, Myanmar.

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According to legend, the lotus was the first flower to appear in the world.

It has been said the lotus is the perfect analogy of the human condition.  This magnificent flower emerges from the mud, rises above the water, opens into a beautiful blossom in the morning, and closes its petals in the evening.

Lotus Flower

The pink lotus is considered the supreme lotus.  A sacred flower.

For over 100 years residents of Inle Lake have been using fibers from the stems of the pink lotus to weave cloth.  Entirely unique to Myanmar, Inle Lake is the only region in the world where lotus fiber is being produced.


Lotus Silk

Lotus Fiber

Fibers from the stem of the pink lotus.

Historically this fabric was used exclusively to make sacred garments for Buddhist monks.

Sacred Lotus Fiber.  Wrap yourself in something beautiful, meditative and calming.